LookAround | FOX – Nc Awards
WE ARE A-TYPICAL. LookAround is not just a name. LookAround is our philosophy, and moreover it is our history.


FOX – Nc Awards

A Concept Event based on Fox’s brand identity “La Casa della Creatività” (The Creativity House): a mysterious countryside house hosted, for a whole day, 30 jurors delegates of the leading Italian companies and assembled together to choose the most creative adv campaign of 2014.
The Idea started from the claim “Fox fa volare la creatività” (Fox makes Creativity fly): LookAround, planned an unexpected change of schedule when all the jurors arrived at the hotel where they were invited.
The juros were asked to fly by helicopter to another location, which was top secret until they landed there.


FOX International Channel




Milan/March 2015


Concept Idea Event Format Planning Location Scouting Logistics Legals e Bureaucratic Management Art Direction (entertainment, set up,branded materials) Production (set up, AVS, staffing, security, gadgets) Partnership Management Institutional relationships Partnership Management Food & Beverage