LookAround | Fox
WE ARE A-TYPICAL. LookAround is not just a name. LookAround is our philosophy, and moreover it is our history.


FOX – Outcast International Premiere

World Première at the Rome Auditorium Conciliazione to support the international launch of the new Fox Networks Group series Outcast, created by Robert Kirkman at the presence of the cast.

FOX – Wayward Pines

World Première with after party at the Rome Auditorium Conciliazione to support the international launch on Fox Channel of the new series directed by M. Night Shyamalan and starred by Matt Dillon.

FOX – Nc Awards

A Concept Event based on Fox's brand identity "La Casa della Creatività" (The Creativity House): a mysterious countryside house hosted, for a whole day, 30 jurors delegates of the leading Italian companies and assembled together to choose the most creative adv campaign of 2014. The Idea started from the claim "Fox fa volare la creatività" (Fox makes Creativity fly): LookAround, planned an unexpected change of schedule when all the jurors arrived at the hotel where they were invited. The juros were asked to fly by helicopter to another location, which was top secret until they landed there.

NIKE/FOX – The Walking Dead Hallowen Party

Co-marketing activity between Fox and Nike to launch the 4th season of The Walking Dead along with the official start up of the 3rd edition of the short marathon Flash Run and the new Nike Lunarglide Shoes.

FOX – Fox a domicilio

An event and a tour in true FOX style that involved Italy's most important Media Centers.

FOX – The best is yet to come

Development and Production of a sales kit for Clients and Media Centres. The kit comprised 20 bars of chocolate that represented 20 different programs broadcast on Fox Channels.

FOX – The Walking Dead Stadium Guerrilla

A guerrilla action performed by 20 Zombies, who took a seat in the Rome Olympic Stadium tribune, during the Serie A football match Lazio vs Cagliari, involving the surprised audience to promote the Italian launch of the epic tv series "The Walking Dead".

FOX LIFE – Sex Education Show River Guerrilla

A guerrilla action performed on the Tevere river to promote the launch of Sex Education Show, a new tv program broadcasted on Fox Life Channel. The talent of the show sailed a boat customized as a giant sex toy duck shaped, from where she was inviting people to talk about sex with her.